First Communion

First Communion

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First Communion Preparation

In addition to their active participation in the Family Formation program, children who are preparing for First Holy Communion need to participate in a separate sacramental preparation program. To enroll in this program, children need to have had at least one year of faith formation immediately prior to their enrollment, have already received the sacrament of Baptism (Certificate of Baptism required), and be members of a Registered family within our parish. (Not registered yet? Register here.)

Children in sacramental prep meet in the classroom once per month at the same time Family Formation classes gather.  These children are taught from the sacramental prep lessons instead of the regular Family Formation classroom lessons.

There is a separate Home Lesson for parents to use in teaching their sacramental prep child in addition to including them in the regular weekly Family Formation Home Lesson teaching time.  These lessons require approximately an additional 15 minutes per week.

Register Here for sacramental prep for First Communion.