We at St. Anthony of Padua want to express our sympathy at the loss of your loved one.  Our faith reminds us that our Lord is the God of all consolation!  He comforts us in all our afflictions, and enables us to comfort those who grieve with the same consolation we have received from Him.  May our compassionate Lord be with you in a special way during this time of grief. if you need to contact us in an emergency please call 352 588-3081, if this is outside of office hours select the option to contact a priest on call.

The Church, through its funeral rites, commends the dead to God’s merciful love.  During our funeral rites, especially at the celebration of the Eucharistic sacrifice, the Christian community affirms and expresses the union of the Church on earth with the Church in heaven in the one great communion of saints.  The celebration of the Christian funeral brings hope and consolation to the living.  While proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and witnessing to Christian hope in the resurrection, the funeral rites also recall to all who take part in them, God’s mercy and meet the human need to turn always to God in times of crisis, while we hold each other in prayer. 

Funeral Procedures and Protocol

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church is staffed from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am -12:00 noon on Friday.  When the parish office is closed, please follow phone prompts for an emergency.  The on-call priest will respond to the call as soon as possible. 

Funerals with a Funeral Director

The standard procedure for a funeral at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church is that a funeral director (funeral home or mortuary) work with St. Anthony’s parish staff to set up the details of the visitation, funeral Mass or liturgy and interment.  Funeral directors are very helpful to the parish in that they arrange for the times of the events, assist in setting up for the visitation, if it is held at St. Anthony’s, and help the family in coordinating the interment.  They also provide valuable assistance with programs, easels and tables for pictures and memory displays, and guest books.  Normally the procedure is that, after news of death, the funeral home is contacted first.  The funeral home will then contact St. Anthony’s to determine possible times and dates for a funeral Mass/Liturgy.  The family will meet with the funeral director and confirm the date/time of the funeral.  Family members should then do two things, first contact St. Anthony’s to arrange for a meeting with the priest or deacon who will preside at the funeral.  This is to finalize the choice of scripture readings, hymns, and other details of the funeral liturgy.  Second fill out the funeral planning sheet that can be found on this page by scrolling down.

Planning a Funeral

Funeral planning typically takes place during a meeting between the priest or deacon who will be presiding over the funeral rites and family members of the deceased.  As soon as possible the family should contact the parish office by calling 352-588-3081 to schedule a meeting to make the necessary arrangements.

Funeral Planning Sheet

The funeral planning sheet is a guide to begin the planning process prior to meeting with the priest or deacon who will preside over the funeral rites.  No funeral planning is finalized until after a meeting with the presider of the funeral.   You may complete this form online prior to meeting with the priest or deacon scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

 Vigils and Wakes

Vigils and wakes may take place in the church or in the funeral home.   Set-up (flowers, easels, etc.) may take place one hour prior to service, if that service is to be held at the church.

Memorials in lieu of flowers are always appreciated and may be directed to St. Anthony's. There are many projects for the family to consider with a wide range in value.

Recommended Funeral Stipends

The following suggested stipends/fees are based on services rendered by St. Anthony's staff.  [In case of financial hardship, please talk with the pastor.]

Sacristan (1) $  25.00   

Church  $150.00

Organist $100.00

Cantor $ 50.00

Servers $ 20.00

***Priest/presider: $150.00

***While no stipend/fee is expected, families often choose to make a gift as a sign of their appreciation for the pastoral services rendered by the presiding priest and assisting deacon. In addition to the funeral service itself, this may include wake/vigil and burial services. In funerals without a Mass, a deacon usually presides.


 Guest Priest/Deacon

If the family of the deceased requests a guest clergy, the pastor is to be informed.   The pastor and the family will still meet to ensure that the funeral liturgy is planned according to our customs at St Anthony’s. If the priest or deacon is not clergy of the diocese of St. Petersburg, they will need to provide a letter of good standing from their diocese prior to being allowed to celebrate or assist at the funeral liturgy


The grieving process necessarily includes time to remember the life of the deceased loved one. In the Catholic funeral rite, this is most appropriately done during the time of visitation, or at the Vigil (Wake) Service.

Since the Funeral Mass is primarily the time for praise and thanks for God's gift of eternal life in Jesus, we do not allow the inclusion of a eulogy at the Mass. Therefore, please be sure to plan for eulogies at the Vigil (Wake) Service.

Funeral Music Specific to St. Anthony of Padua

The Music Ministry at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church extends to you our deepest sympathy.   Music is integral to the funeral rites. It allows the community to express convictions and feelings that words alone may fail to convey. It has power to console and uplift the mourners and to strengthen the unity of the assembly in faith and love. The texts of songs chosen for a particular celebration should express the paschal mystery of the Lord’s suffering, death, and triumph over death and should be related to the readings from Scripture.  Because music has such a dignified place within the funeral liturgies, at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church we presume that our music director and available members of the choir will be assisting at each funeral. Guest musicians or cantors will be considered at the family’s request and could be incorporated into the funeral liturgy according to specific abilities and preferences of each musician or cantor, but must always work in cooperation with our music director.   You may contact him directly either by telephone (preferred) or email

Dennis Margheim    Phone:  915-540 9467 E-Mail

During the final commendation, we will sing a short refrain of “May the choirs of angels come to greet you.”

Please contact Dennis at your earliest convenience to plan your music.  We are here to help in any way we can.

Please fill in our funeral planning sheet at the bottom of this page

Suggested Funeral Readings

The following is a list of Scriptures appropriate for use at Funeral Liturgies. One reading is chosen from each the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Gospels, typically the Responsorial Psalm is sung, please discuss that with the Music Director and he will help you choose an appropriate Psalm for the liturgy.

**Non-Scripture readings cannot be read in place of these readings, 

NOTE: If you click on the reading it will open so that you can read the whole scripture verse,

Then select that reading in the Funeral planning sheet at the bottom of the page

Old Testament

2 Maccabees 12:43-46 "...he made atonement for the dead..."  

Job 19: 1, 23-27  "...I know that my vindicator lives...."

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15  "...A time to be born, a time to die..." 

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 "...A time to be born, a time to die..."

Wisdom 3:1-9 "...The souls of the just are in the hand of God..." 

Wisdom 3:1-6,9 "...The souls of the just are in the hand of God..." 

Wisdom 4:7-14 "The Righteous One, though he die early, shall be at rest..." 

Sirach 2:1-11 " fire gold is tested....Compassionate is the Lord..." 

Isaiah 25:6a, 7-9 "...he will destroy death forever..." 

Isaiah 26:7-19 "...your dead shall live, their corpses shall rise..." 

Isaiah 35:1-10 "...Here is your God, he comes with vindication..." 

Isaiah 40:1-11 "...Here is your God, Here comes with power..." 

Lamentations 3:17-26 "...My portion is the Lord, says my soul..."

Ezekiel 37:12-14 "O my people, I will open your graves and have you rise..." 

Daniel 12:1-3 "...the wise shall shine brightly..." 

Micah 7:7-9 "...though I sit in darkness, the Lord is my light..." 

New Testament

Acts of the Apostles 10:34-43 "Everyone who believes in him will receive forgiveness of sins"

Acts of the Apostles 10:34-36,42-43 "Everyone who believes in him will receive forgiveness of sins"

Romans 5:1,5-11  "...We were reconciled to God through the death of his Son..." 

Romans 5:17-21 "...through one righteous act acquittal and life came to all..." 

Romans 6:3-9  "...if we have died with Christ, we believe that we shall live with him..." 

Romans 6:3-4,8-9 "...if we have died with Christ, we believe that we shall live with him..." 

Romans 8:1-11  "There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ..."  

Romans 8:14-23 "Those who are led by the Spirit of God are Children of God"

Romans 8:31-35,37-39 "If God is for us, who can be against us?"

Romans 14:7-9,10-12 "This is why Christ died and came to life"

1 Corinthians 2:6-10 
"Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard..." 

1 Corinthians 15:12-20  "If there is no resurrection of the dead..."

1 Corinthians 15:20-28 "In Adam all die, so too if Christ shall all be brought to life."

1 Corinthians 15:51-57 "Death where is your victory?"

2 Corinthians 4:14-5:1  "The one who raised the Lord Jesus will raise us..."

2 Corinthians 5:1,6-10 "We would rather leave the body and go home..." 

Philippians 3:7-14 "...I run toward the prize to which God calls me..."

Philippians 3:20-21  "He will change our lowly body..."

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18  "If we believe that Jesus died and rose..."

2 Timothy 2:8-13 "Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead..." 

2 Timothy 4:1-2,6-8 "I have competed well, I have finished the race..." 

1 John 3:1-2 "Beloved, we are God's children now..."

1 John 3:14-16  "We know that we have passed from death to life..."

Revelation 14:13 "...Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord..."

Revelation 20:11-12:1 "...The sea gave up its dead; then Death and Hades..."

Revelation 21:1-5a,6b-7 "...I also saw the holy city, a new Jerusalem..."


Matthew 5:1-12a  "The Eight Beatitudes" 

Matthew 11:25-30  "come to me . . . and I will give you rest." 

Matthew 25:1-13  "Look. The bridegroom comes. Go out to meet him" 

Matthew 25:31-46  "Come, you whom my Father has blessed" 

Mark 15:33-39  "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" 

Mark 15:33 ---16:6  "Jesus gave a loud cry and breathed his last" 

Luke 7:11-17  "Young man, I say to you, arise." 

Luke 12:35-40  "Be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect,..." 

Luke 23:33-43  "Today you will be with me in paradise." 

Luke 23:44  ---24:6a  "Father, I put my life in your hands." 

Luke 23:44-49 "Father into your hands I commend my spirit"

Luke 24:13-35 "Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer..." 

Luke 24:13-16,28-35 "Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer..." 

John 5:24-29  "Whoever hears my word and believes has passed from..."

John 6:37-40 "All who believe in the Son will have eternal life..." 

John 6:51-58  "All who eat this bread will live for ever...." 

John 11:17-27 "I am the resurrection and the life." 

John 11:21-27 "I am the resurrection and the life." 

John 11:32-45 "Lazarus, come out." 

John 12:23-28  "If a grain of wheat falls on the ground and dies..." 

John 12:23-26 "If a grain of wheat falls on the ground and dies..." 

John 14:1-6  "There are many rooms in my Father's house." 

John 17:24-26  "Father, I want those you have given me to be with me..." 

John 19:17-30  "Jesus bowed his head and gave up his spirits."  


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